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andreas at andreas at
Sun Apr 17 22:11:15 CEST 2005

Hi again!
So I tried to load the following modules: i2c_core, i2c_algo_bit,
i2c_pport, i2c_dev, i2c_sensor, pcf8574.
Should I be able to se my pcf8574 chip that is hooked up on my parallel
port now? Cause I can not! Do I have to consider cables (length and
others) or have I done anything else wrong? Some hints on trouble shooting
would be apreciated.



> Hi Andreas,
>> Must confess that I am a little confused though, and the more I read
>> the more insecure I get. Seems like Jean boiled the paralell port
>> drivers (5) together some day back in 2003? Is that correct? What
>> actually happened with the different access modes? Exactly what
>> modules do I need to load to get my parallell port lines to speak i2c?
> My unified i2c-parport driver handles all i2c-over-parallel-port devices
> *except* the ones which have no electronics needed, which are handled by
> i2c-pport (not in the kernel tree yet) which you just compiled. So go
> with i2c-pport and don't use i2c-parport.
> Providing that your pin wiring is correct, you should now be able to
> drive whatever chip you connected to your bus using any of the various
> chip drivers we have. Or you can test the bus using the i2cdetect
> userspace tool. Or you can write your own userspace tool to have the i2c
> bus do whatever you want. Which chips do you plan to connect on that
> bus, BTW?
> --
> Jean Delvare

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