parport driver

andreas at andreas at
Sun Apr 17 23:00:57 CEST 2005

All modules loads fine. The system log tells me that everything is
working. I will recheck the chip address and try Rudolf
"grounding-some-pins" methode. Thanks again, especially for the force
command on the pcf8574.


> Hi Andreas,
>> So I tried to load the following modules: i2c_core, i2c_algo_bit,
>> i2c_pport, i2c_dev, i2c_sensor, pcf8574.
>> Should I be able to se my pcf8574 chip that is hooked up on my
>> parallel port now? Cause I can not! Do I have to consider cables
>> (length and others) or have I done anything else wrong? Some hints on
>> trouble shooting would be apreciated.
> First thing to try is to load i2c-algo-bit with bit_test=1. This will
> test the lines when you load i2c-pport. If it fails, then you have a
> wiring issue, most probably. The debug message should tell you where.
> If the i2c-pport driver loads, try i2cdetect on the bus. This will give
> you an idea of whether the bus works as intended or not.
> Hope that helps,
> --
> Jean Delvare

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