[PATCH] ds1337 4/4

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Apr 18 19:52:52 CEST 2005

Hi Ladislav, hi James,

> > Attached are two ds1337 patches for your comment. For convenience,
> > I've  also included the ppc7d rtc patch that is already in queue.
> > 
> > ds1337-api.patch  - fixes the call to ds1337_do_command() to pass
> >                     bus/addr rather than a magic "id".
> I'm afraid, it wouldn't be right to comment this patch, since my
> knowledge of design and future development of i2c subsystem is rather
> limited. Jean? I'd also like to learn the right way, so I could write
> proper support for SGI O2 I2C adapter...

ds1337_do_command() is not related with i2c-core in anyway, so I am not
authoritative here. That being said, I do like the patch as I think it
makes much sense.

I'd be happy to apply this patch on top of my stack, unfortunately it
conflicts with previous cleanups from Ladislav.

James, could you please provide a patch which would apply properly on
top of my stack? You can get it from here:
In particular you'll find the 3 patches I have for the ds1337 driver

Please do not forget to comment and sign patches when you send them, so
that they can be accepted.

> Yes, that's it! :) Thanks a lot. You might want generate your patch
> against ds1337 patches 1-3, otherwise someone would have to apply it
> manually. To save you some work, patch is attached. Also sorry it took
> me so long to reply, I was off work...
> (...)

I think I understand that this part is only one half of the complete
patch. We can only apply complete patches, obviously. One of you please
send such a patch with comment and signed-off-by line.

Thank to both of you for the cleanups to this driver, BTW, these were

Jean Delvare

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