[RFC/PATCH 0/22] W1: sysfs, lifetime and other fixes

Dmitry Torokhov dtor_core at ameritech.net
Thu Apr 21 09:07:02 CEST 2005


I happened to take a look into drivers/w1 and found there bunch of thigs
that IMO should be changed:

- custom-made refcounting is racy
- lifetime rules need to be better enforced
- family framework is insufficient for many advanced w1 devices
- custom-made hotplug notification over netlink should be removed in favor
  of standard hotplug notification
- sysfs attributes have unnecessary prefixes (like w1_master) or not needed
  at all (w1_master_pointer)

Please consider series of patches below. Unfortunately I do not have any W1
equipment so it was only compile-tested. Please also note that lifetime and
locking rules were changed on object-by-object base so mid-series some stuff
may appear broken but as far as I can see the end result shoudl work pretty

   Whitespace fixes.

   Some formatting changes to bring the code in line with CodingStyle

   Use attribute_group to create master device attributes to guarantee
   proper cleanup in case of failure. Also, hide most of attribute define
   ugliness in macros.

   Add 2 default attributes "family" and "serial" to slave devices, every
   1-Wire slave has them. Use attribute_group to handle. The rest of slave
   attributes are left as is - will be dealt with later.
   List handling cleanup. Most of the list_for_each_safe users don't need
   *_safe variant, *_entry variant is better suited in most places. Also,
   checking retrieved list element for null is a bit pointless...

   Drop owner field from w1_master and w1_slave structures. Just having it
   there does not magically fixes lifetime rules.

   Cleanup bus operations code:
   - have bus operatiions accept w1_master instead of unsigned long and
     drop data field from w1_bus_master so the structure can be statically
     allocated by driver implementing it;
   - rename w1_bus_master to w1_bus_ops to avoid confusion with w1_master;
   - separate master registering and allocation so drivers can setup proper
     link between private data and master and set useable master's name.

   Fold w1_int.c into w1.c - there is no point in artificially separating
   code for master devices between 2 files.

   Drop custom-made hotplug over netlink notification from w1 core.
   Standard hotplug mechanism should work just fine (patch will follow).

   Drop control thread from w1 core, whatever it does can also be done in
   the context of w1_remove_master_device. Also, pin the module when
   registering new master device to make sure that w1 core is not unloaded
   until last device is gone. This simplifies logic a lot.

   Move w1_search function to w1_io.c to be with the rest of IO code.

   Get rid of unneeded master device attributes:
   - 'pointer' and 'attempts' are meaningless for userspace;
   - information provided by 'slaves' and 'slave_count' can be gathered
     from other sysfs bits;
   - w1_slave_found has to be rearranged now that slave_count field is gone.

   Clean-up master attribute implementation:
   - drop unnecessary "w1_master" prefix from attribute names;
   - do not acquire master->mutex when accessing attributes;
   - move attribute code "closer" to the rest of master code.

   More master attributes changes:
   - rename timeout parameter/attribute to scan_interval to better
     reflect its purpose;
   - make scan_timeout be a per-device attribute and allow changing
     it from userspace via sysfs;
   - allow changing max_slave_count it from userspace as well.

   Add slave_ttl attribute to w1 masters.

   Clean-up master device implementation:
   - get rid of separate refcount, rely on driver model to enforce
     lifetime rules;
   - use atomic to generate unique master IDs;
   - drop unused fields.

   Clean-up slave device implementation:
   - get rid of separate refcount, rely on driver model to enforce
     lifetime rules;
   - pin w1 module until slave device is registered with sysfs to make
     sure W1 core stays loaded.
   - drop 'name' attribute as we already have it in bus_id.

   Clean-up family implementation:
   - get rid of w1_family_ops and template attributes in w1_slave
     structure and have family drivers create necessary attributes
     themselves. There are too many different devices using 1-Wire
     interface and it is impossible to fit them all into single
     attribute model. If interface unification is needed it can be
     done by building cross-bus class hierarchy.
   - rename w1_smem to w1_sernum because devices are called Silicon
     serial numbers, they have address (ID) but don't have memory
     in regular sense.
   - rename w1_therm to w1_thermal.

   Convert family into proper device-model drivers:
   - embed driver structure into w1_family and register with the
     driver core;
   - do not try to manually bind slaves to familes, leave it to
     the driver core;
   - fold w1_family.c into w1.c

   Support for automatic family drivers loading via hotplug:
   - allow family drivers support list of families;
   - export supported families through MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE.

   Implement W1 bus hotplug handler. Slave devices will define
   FID=%02x (family ID) end SN=%024llX environment variables.

   Allow changing w1 module parameters through sysfs, add parameter
   descriptions and document them in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt



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