[lm-sensors] A few remarks about the w83792d

P.O. Gaillard pierre-olivier.gaillard at fr.thalesgroup.com
Thu Aug 18 11:38:25 CEST 2005


we are starting to use the driver on our machines and we noticed to things that 
we feel should be changed :
  - the values in /etc/sensors.conf for the CPU temperature threshold are very 
low (max:42° hyst:37°). This supersed the values set in the BIOS and is very 
low, causing the PC to beep everytime the CPU is loaded at 100%
  - when we read the sensors with sensors, we see the following message on the 
console :
  w83792d 0-002f: Starting device update.
  What kind of update is that ? Why do we cause one when we read the 
temperatures and fan states with sensors ? Why is there a console message for that ?

  thank you for your help and your work on lmsensors !

	P.O. Gaillard

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