[lm-sensors] i2cdetect fails on a Asus P5ND2-Sli Deluxe (i2c-nforce2 & it87)...

fred fredantispam at free.fr
Fri Dec 9 19:55:14 CET 2005


My kernel is 2.6.14, i2c-nforce2 & it87, which are known to work
with lm-sensors, are built-in kernel, on a Debian sarge.

it87 works fine (I'll come back later on this, I have a few questions),
but i2c-nforce2 fails :
marsu{pts/0}:~/[1]/> i2cdetect
Error: No i2c-bus specified!
Syntax: i2cdetect [-y] [-a] [-q|-r] I2CBUS [FIRST LAST]
        i2cdetect -l
        i2cdetect -V
  I2CBUS is an integer
  With -a, probe all addresses (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  With -q, uses only quick write commands for probing (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  With -r, uses only read byte commands for probing (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  If provided, FIRST and LAST limit the probing range.
  With -l, lists installed busses only
Error: No I2C busses found!
Be sure you have done 'modprobe i2c-dev'
and also modprobed your i2c bus drivers

My kernel is set as :

CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA_I2C=y (for framebuffer, but now, it's not the problem)

What's wrong ??

Thanks in advance.


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