[lm-sensors] vt1211 questions

Juerg Haefliger juergh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 21:44:37 CET 2005


I'm currently modifying the vt1211 driver to add PWM fan control and
for (yet another) attempt to submit it to the 2.6.x kernel tree. While
going over the code (Lars Ekman's port of Mark D. Studebaker's
original driver) I noticed 2 things:

1) The mapping of the temperature reading to the actual sysfs node
name is convoluted. I.e. Reading1 maps to temp3 and Reading3 maps to
temp1. Comments in the code mention that this is to minimize changes
from the via686a driver. Since I'm currently cleaning up and extending
the code there's probably not much commonality between the two
anymore. So should I change that convoluted mapping to Reading1->temp1
and Reading3->temp3? It's much less confusing... :-)

2) 'Sensors' doesn't read temp1 because there's another note in the
code saying that temp1 (Reading3) is not implemented in vt1211. That's
not true, in fact Reading3 is the vt1211 internal thermal diode. So
'sensors' (and the libs) needs to be patched as well..

With that I'm proposing the following changes to the vt1211 driver
(both 2.4.x and 2.6.x) and the 'sensors' application (and all involved
parties/libraries as well of course):

Reading1 -> temp3 (read by 'sensors')
Reading3 -> temp1 (ignored by 'sensors')

Reading1 -> temp1 (read by 'sensors')
Reading3 -> temp3 (read by 'sensors')

And of course sensors.conf has to be patched as well.


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