[lm-sensors] PC87591x

Mark Studebaker mds at mds.gotdns.com
Thu Dec 22 22:25:24 CET 2005

unless the FW is implementing a standard IPMI-BMC or there is a 
published interface for the firmware, it sounds like
going through ACPI is the only solution.

Enrico Bartky wrote:
> Hi,
> I have (new?) information about the PC87591x Super-I/O Chip. I have 
> talked to Winbond and they said, the only way to access this chip is 
> through the PowerManagement channels. The problem is, there exists 
> verious firmware implementations, so (I think) there exists different 
> commands through these channels.
> To support this chip, there are 2 possibilities. The first is we need to 
> develope a firmware. The second is to analyze the firmware. On the 
> Uniwill website, there is a reader/writer for this chip 
> (http://www.uniwill.com/UserDownload/N243S/N243S2.htm), included in the 
> BIOS Update archive and is called ecf11t.exe. And on National's page 
> there is a programming reference for the core of the chip (CR16B). The 
> datasheet is available at 
> http://www.national.com/appinfo/compactrisc/pdf/cr16b-prog-ref.pdf.
> Have anyone an idea, how to proceed the support? I know, none of these 
> possibilities are easy to manage.
> EnricoB
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