[lm-sensors] project status and future

Philip Edelbrock phil at edgedesign.us
Fri Dec 30 00:06:13 CET 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Michael, Phil, all,
>>On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 11:07 -0800, Philip Edelbrock wrote:
>>>I've receintly been toying with Trac and importing a legacy bug database 
>>>into it for another project.  It's a bug tracker and wiki.  You've 
>>>probably used it before?
>>>What do you guys think of this?
>>As mentioned in my posting, I really like Trac. I already told it to
>>Rudolf in IRC, but nevertheless: I'd be happy to help in case there are
>>any questions/problems in case you guys want to try Trac for lm_sensors.
> Well, if several of you guys have had a good experience with trac,
> let's go with this. We do need a replacement for the current ticket
> system which fits our needs so badly now (although I don't question the
> fact it was helpful at the time it was implemented, some 7 years ago or
> so; the number and nature of users was quite different back then.)

Glad we managed to get as much use out of it as we did!  It is 
definitely past it's expected lifetime.

> Phil, can you change the old ticket system code so that no new tickets
> can be created there? 


> Then, everyone interested in trac can help setting it up. Michael, Phil
> and others, please get in touch and decide who will do what, and where
> the application will be hosted. It can be either at Phil's server
> (which was hosting the older ticket system) or at Axel Thimm's facility
> (which hosts the mailing list already). I'd rather avoid having a third
> location for lm-sensors' stuff so as to not confuse people (starting
> with ourselves).

I will see how hard it will be to implement on my server, unless 
somebody has a better home in mind.


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