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Wed Feb 2 07:31:12 CET 2005

I am  toby ,working in hcl infosystems. i am working on AMASON   mother board now.Its an ipmi based board ,but in this board one health monitoring chip  W83627HF AW is also there.I ve loaded the module for W83627HF . im getting all voltage and temperature values.but only 3 fan values are coming.but the board supports 6 fans.And in the BIOS it shows all the fan values.
It has been specified in the data sheet for W83627HF (not W83627HF AW) that only 3 fans are supported .Is there any  other data sheet available specifically for W83627HF AW.if it is there could you plz kindly send me the same to this mail id .
yours faithfully
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