PC87431 is not - need full datasheet.

Chan Min Wai dcmwai at ocesb.com.my
Thu Feb 3 04:55:09 CET 2005

Corey Minyard wrote:
> Mark Studebaker wrote:
>> so the ipmi_smb driver Corey just posted to LKML, together with his
>> previous i2c patches,
>> together with http://bmcsensors-26.sourceforge.net ,
>> and you should be able to get sensor data from the 87431!
>> let us know how it works!
> Note that this was against 2.6.11-rc2 and you need the completion patch
> posted by Mike Waychison  at
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-kernel&m=110669761400454&w=2 or
> the completion_timeout routine is broken.

I'm losing here,

I've try to compile 2.6.7

however I can't load the IPMI_SI module.
Error is as below.

IPMI System Interface driver version v31, KCS version v31, SMIC version
v31, BT version v31
ipmi_si: Unknown SMBIOS SI type.
ipmi_si: Trying "kcs" at I/O port 0xca2
ipmi_si: Trying "smic" at I/O port 0xca9
ipmi_si: Trying "bt" at I/O port 0xe4
ipmi_si: Unknown SMBIOS SI type.
ipmi_si: Unknown SMBIOS SI type.
ipmi_si: Unknown SMBIOS SI type.
ipmi_si: Unable to find any System Interface(s)

with the patch + lm_sensors 2.8.7 & also 2.9.0
I've try to do a sensor-detect only the old config is being detected.
(the one that giving 127 C)... WOO (Which is the wrong value)

this is the lsmod that I'm loading
Module                  Size  Used by
w83627hf               29956  0
eeprom                 12168  0
i2c_sensor              7296  2 w83627hf,eeprom
i2c_isa                 6400  0
i2c_dev                14720  0
i2c_i801               12304  0
ipmi_devintf           12036  0
i2c_ipmi                8972  0
ipmi_msghandler        59876  2 ipmi_devintf,i2c_ipmi
bmcsensors             40324  0
i2c_core               28032  8

So I dont know where I'm now...

I'm not too sure where it fit.

I'm on an SE7210TP1-E Mobo where the sensor chip is
AD1207 & PC87431, if you need more information.

Please help

Chan Min Wai

P.s is ipmi_smb really exists?

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