bt869 driver

Gerd Knorr kraxel at
Thu Feb 3 11:57:15 CET 2005

> In a nutshell, you set up the video card by getting X going in a  
> video-compatible mode-line, and then you tell the BT869 the format  
> (e.g. resolution, broadcast standard, etc.).

Ah, ok.  That really sounds like the X-Server would be the right place
to setup that.  The X-Server doing one part of the setup, the driver
another part and the user must care about doing that in the right order
is a bit hackish.

Given that is more open than xfree86 it should be easier to get
bt859 support into the X-Server these days, I'd suggest to try to go
that route ...

> That said, I don't know how many folks are using this driver vs.  
> something else like nvtv.

nvtv does the same, but from userspace (using /dev/i2c maybe)?


#define printk(args...) fprintf(stderr, ## args)

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