fan control question

rkimber at rkimber at
Sat Feb 5 16:15:09 CET 2005

I have tried lm_sensors with Suse 9.1, the current Mandrake, and the current Ubuntu.

In the bios on my MSI K8T Master2 -FAR, I have the option to set a threshold for the CPU fans so that below a certain temperature they run quietly and not at the full
'sounds-like-a-jet-engine' speed.  When I switch on they run full for a couple of minutes and then slow down to something like half speed.

Under Suse 9.1 this all works fine, but if I use Ubuntu or Mandrake, enabling lm_sensors causes the CPU fans to run at full speed without ever going quiet.

Why should this be so?  Is Ubuntu lm_sensors doing something to overrride the bios setting? Otherwise, sensors appear to work fine.

I'd appreciate any guidance you can offer.

- Richard Kimber.

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