Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Feb 6 15:26:15 CET 2005

Hi Enrico,

Sorry for the delay.

> I have a board with the ALI M7101 chip, but I can't activate it in
> BIOS.  I tried to compile the prog/hotplug/m7101.c but I seen that
> this is only  for 2.4 Kernels. Is there a module for 2.6?

The prog/hotplug/m7101.c (from the lm_sensors project) was a quick hack
and only works with 2.4 kernels, as you noticed. For 2.6 kernels, the
prefered solution is known as PCI quirks (drivers/pci/quirks.c). I can
see that you already found that and proposed a patch for the 2.6 kernel

Maarten Deprez then converted it to the proper kernel coding-style:

I invite you to test the new patch and confirm that it works for you.

Any chance we could get the PCI folks to review the code and push it
upwards if it is OK?

For reference, here are links to the original m7101 unhiding driver code
and help file:

Jean Delvare

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