Wireless i2c bus?

crowe at psilongbeach.com crowe at psilongbeach.com
Mon Feb 7 17:36:50 CET 2005

I have a question on the extensibility of the lmsensors interface.
The excellent division between bus drivers and chip drivers has worked out well for me in the 
embedded development environment (i.e. temperature and voltage measurement on bizare hardware). For 
the many of things that I do, I would like to have a wireless i2c bus to work with. I see that there 
is preliminary linux support for 802.15.4 (http://linux-802-15-4.sourceforge.net/) which is the 
underlying protocol for Zigbee (as ethernet is to TCP/IP).  The remote sensors (temperature, 
voltage, ....) could be enumerated as done with i2c and show up as just another bus in 
Is anyone working on things like this?
I don't know much about the Zigbee protocol which may or may not be applicable to my needs.  I fear 
that that ZigBee may be going down the same path as Bluetooth which is to say it not only specfices 
the bus, but also the devices.  I believe that is why Wireless USB appears to be winning out over 
Bluetooth.  I've had to write bluetooth drivers and ended up using the serial comm port profile to 
kludge in a solution, yuk.
There is nothing 802.15.4 specification which would prevent me writing my own stack which would put 
I2C on it as it's own protocol if Zigbee proves to be unteniable.

Sorry that this is not very well thought out.  I'm looking for feedback on the concept here from the 
people who know (you guys).

Mike Crowe
crowe at psilongbeach.com

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