I have information on Winbond W83627EHF Chip

Rudolf Marek R.Marek at sh.cvut.cz
Tue Feb 8 13:27:40 CET 2005

> * One additional voltage input.

Which one?
It has 6 analog inputs as HF has too. ( I looked to PIN assigment table)

> * 8mV LSB for voltages instead of 16mV.=> yes
> * Two additional fan inputs. => I can see only one
> * I2C interface, but no subclients? => undocumented?
> * One additional fan control output. => I can see two
> * Fan control can optionally operate in DC mode. => yes

Some pins are shared, what happen if they are used for other function?
They will return zero? Or bogus?

> I'd like someone else to read the datasheet and confirm/complete this
> list. Once we know exactly what the differences are, we can decide
> whether it is better to add support to an existing driver or create a
> new one. Some of the additional features would be trivial to add (such
> as the additional voltage input), but some are more tricky (VID for
> example).

Also one interresting bit changed to reserved

Address Register (Port x5h)
Bit7: Read Only

The logical 1 indicates the device is busy because of a Serial Bus
transaction or another LPC bus
transaction. With checking this bit, multiple LPC drivers can use W83627HF
hardware monitor without
interfering with each other or a Serial Bus driver.
It is the user's responsibility not to have a Serial Bus and LPC bus
operations at the same time.
This bit is:

Set: with a write to Port x5h or when a Serial Bus transaction is in
Reset: with a write or read from Port x6h if it is set by a write to Port
x5h, or when the Serial Bus
transaction is finished.



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