Interested to donate a board to get a driver

Timo Neuvonen timo at
Thu Feb 10 12:15:21 CET 2005


Driver status page fo National Semiconductor's PC87372 says:

(2004-08-02) Super I/O with fan monitoring and PWM. A driver has been
requested, will be developped upon donation of a board.

I'm definetly interested to get a full set of working lm_sensors drivers for
my Intel D865GLC boards (I have several servers running on this hw). AFAIK,
the only missing driver is a chip driver for PC87372.

If donating a reasonably-priced motherboard would be what is required to get
the drivers in question, I'm ready to consider making this donation. Of
course, prior to making the donation I would appreciate some rough schedule
when to expect the drivers could be available -just to know if we are
talking about  few weeks or half a year.

I'd appreciate any contact related to this matter.


Timo Neuvonen
timo at
Kellosaarenranta 1C38
FIN-00180 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 50 520 7233

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