Sensors On VIA Motherboard

Jean Delvare khali at
Sun Feb 13 11:56:47 CET 2005

Hi John,

> I just installed lm_sensors on a VIA EPIA-V motherboard and had 
> everything working great. That is, until I started mucking with the 
> calculations. Now everything still seems to work as expected, but I
> have  an alarm on the CPU temp that won't clear.
> I created alarms on the voltages, but they cleared normally
> after the values came back into their expected ranges.  I tried
> everything to clear the CPU alarm, but nothing helped.  Even tried
> writing zeros to the alarm register and the magic Windoze trick of
> powering down the machine.  No help.

If the chip is VSB-powered, you'd not only need to power down the
machine, but additionally unplug it from the wall outlet for a minute or
so. VSB is still active when the system is turned off, as long as the
system is not properly unplugged.

> If you know the trick to clearing it, I'll trade you some new constant 
> (K) values that make the sensors output agree with the bios readings. 
> And I'll even toss in the VIA data sheet on the VT8231.

I'd hope the unplug trick would do it. If not, and you have a datasheet
I can take a look at, there might be a reset bit you can write to that
would put the things back in order. Most chips have one.

Jean Delvare

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