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Mark D. Studebaker mds at
Mon Feb 14 00:08:24 CET 2005

works for me w83627hf and vt1211
also verified that w/o -k, after some reads, winbond returns 00, via returns ff.

Jean Delvare wrote:
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>>	isadump.html 
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>>(mds) -k
> BTW, everyone with a Super-I/O chip is invited to test that he/she can
> now dump its logical devices by using the new -k option of isadump.
> The reason why I added this is that I noticed that Winbond Super-I/O
> chips will lock themselves out after an arbitrary number of registers
> have been read. So unlocking the chip with isaset and then dumping it
> with isadump would only show the first dozen registers, and then 0xff
> everywhere.
> Now that we can pass the key to isadump itself, it will repeat it after
> every row, so we should be able to dump the chip contents up to the last
> register.
> Thanks,

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