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Morgan Read mstuff at
Thu Feb 17 05:14:42 CET 2005

Hi Jean,
Thanks very much for your response.
I've attached the output of i2cdump (following sensors-detect &
i2cdetect output for your info).

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Morgan,
> On 2005-02-14, Morgan Read wrote:
>>Basically, I have a laptop with the mc1066 chip in that seems to be
>>doing _very_ strange things at start up.  I've set up the mc1066 part of
>>sensors.conf so:
>>   label temp 		"Board"
>>   label remote_temp	"CPU"
>>   set temp_low			40
>>   set temp_over		54
>>   set remote_temp_low		55
>>   set remote_temp_over		69
> Setting low temps to 40 degrees doesn't sound like a sane thing to do.
> This means that temperatures below 40 degrees C will trigger an alarm. I
> do not personally consider it a problem when my systems run at 25
> degrees C. In fact, down to 15 degrees C seems to be fairly acceptable
> for any hardware, so you could just set the low limits to this.

I was intending to use the low temps to trip the fan cut off, when I
worked out how to control the fan.  May be incorrect strategy?

> BTW, are you sure you have an MC1066? That's a rare chip as far as I
> know. What laptop is this? Care to provide a dump of the chip (using
> i2cdump)?

Only as sure as knowing what sensors-detect said:|  (See attached.)  The
dump for 0x69 (apart from appearing to be nothing) took quite a while to
output (cf. dump for 0x4e).  It's a clevo 2200t with desktop pIII in,
thus the heat generation.

>>Boot starts; fan off; fan slow; fan off; boot ends.  I log in, sensors
>>reports settings as above, cpu temp climbs to 69, fan cuts in, the
>>values reset to: cpu high 127 (!!!); cpu low 55; board high 55; board
>>low -55 (!!!).  Then, cpu temp drops to (perhaps) 54, fan stops, the
>>values reset to: cpu high 70 (?); cpu low -55 (!!!); board high 55;
>>board low -55 (!!!).
> Looks like a chip reset to me (IIRC 55/70/-55 are the chip defaults for
> the adm1021/max1617 family). 127 also might have a special meaning, I'd
> need to get my hands on a MC1066 datasheet to make sure.
>>The cpu temp climbs to 70, the fan cuts in and then things seem to
>>stabilise around cpu 57-62.
>>Or something like that!  Mad?
> Admittedly odd overall.
>>So, I'm trying to work out what on earth's going on?
> What version of lm_sensors are you using exactly? With what kernel? I
> remember we reworked the init process of the adm1021 driver some months
> ago, so if you're using a somewhat old version, you might get an
> improvement by simply updating it.

lm_sensors-2.8.6-1, as per fc2.  I realise this considered broken, but
thought I'd stick with what's provided for the distro - would an update
prove more useful?
Kernel is 2.6.10-1.9_FC2

Thanks again.

> --
> Jean Delvare

Morgan Read

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