Invoking section 5.6 of the FAQ

rendezvous rendezvous at
Thu Feb 17 06:14:07 CET 2005

Ladies & Gents.  It just worked.

Ok, so I had to read the docs, but not many of them.  Excellent code, I
really like it.

Running a SY-K7V Dragon Plus
Via KT266A motherboard.

It seems to lock up when I have my lights on (Those tall hot warm cheap
things you can get at walmart with the halogen lights) and when I do heavy
compiling while doing stuff in the background.

So I figured I try this out and see what exactly the critical temp is, and
thanks to this program, now I'll know when I need to go get some Ice (for
my computer) and Water (for me).

Cheers and thanks for the code!


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