two questions about w83792d.c for linux-2.4

Huang0 at Huang0 at
Fri Feb 18 12:46:56 CET 2005

Dear Jean, MDS

I have two questions about W83793D driver for linux-2.4
(1) The "set" lines in /etc/sensors.conf w83792d part for voltage
do NOT work! While all the "set" lines for fan and temperature limit
can work. I can't find the reason.

The more strange thing is that, under linux-2.6, the "set" lines for
voltage CAN work!

I attached the /etc/sensors.conf w83792d part in the end of this mail,
for your reference.

(2) The file kernel/include/sensors.h should be auto-generated, instead
of being edited manually. But I don't know how to auto-generate the 792
related codes into this file.

Now I have to manually copy the codes such as
#define W83792D_SYSCTL_IN0 1000
#define W83792D_SYSCTL_IN1 1001
from my w83792d.c, because if I don't copy these codes, there will be
compile error.

Could you tell me how to auto-generate the file
Is there any script I have to run?


============ /etc/sensors.conf  w83792d part =======================
    compute in0 0.2*@ ,  @/0.2
    compute in1 0.2*@ ,  @/0.2
    compute in2 0.4*@ ,  @/0.4
    compute in3 0.4*@ ,  @/0.4
    compute in4 0.4*@ ,  @/0.4
    compute in5 0.4*@ ,  @/0.4
    # W83792D C Version
    compute in6 0.6*@ ,  @/0.6
    compute in7 2.4*@ , @/2.4
    # W83792D B Version
    #compute in6 0.667*@ ,  @/0.667
    #compute in7 2.67*@ ,  @/2.67
    compute in8 1.6*@ , @/1.6

    set in0_min 1.3
    set in0_max 1.6
    set in1_min 1.4
    set in1_max 1.6
    set in2_min 3.2
    set in2_max 3.4
    set in3_min 3.6
    set in3_max 4.0
    set in4_min 1.4
    set in4_max 1.5
    set in5_min 2.6
    set in5_max 2.65
    set in6_min 5 * 0.95
    set in6_max 5 * 1.05
    set in7_min 5 * 0.95
    set in7_max 5 * 1.05
    set in8_min 3 * 0.95
    set in8_max 3 * 1.05

Best Regards

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