adt7463 on asus w1n laptop

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Fri Feb 18 17:09:35 CET 2005

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> > So now the patch is correctly applied and could run sensors-detect
> > successfully.
> > Actually, sensors-detect did not detect the adt7463 chip.
> This is a problem. Can you please provide a dump of your chip (using
> i2cdetect to locate the correct address and i2cdump to do the actual
> dump)?

I don't know what parameters to pass to i2detect and i2cdump. I've tried some 
adresses like 002e and lots of others but i don't know which one. I'll take 
time to read man for i2cdetect and i2c dump. But i don't have time to do it 

OK i realised that /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-002e/name contains adm1027 instead 
of adt7463. Actually, i don't know which one is right since i can't read the 
name of a chip that is "jailed" in a laptop.
Do i have to load the lm85 module with special options like :
modprobe lm85 force_adt7463=xxxx
What should i put instead of this xxxx ? modinfo lm85 says "list of adapter, 
address pairs, what does it mean ?

> > So now, i can reduce manually the fan speed and have a longer battery
> > time.
> I admit I am surprised, I never thought that lowering the speed of the
> fan could really spare a significant amount of battery.

Well, i thought that the fastest the fan turns, the more energy is spent and 
the shorter the battery lasts. No ? If the fan does not spend a lot of 
energy, reducing fan speed has at least one advantage : less noise !

> > One more question : is there a way to adjust fan speed to one of the
> > temperature ?
> See this file for additional insight:

Should i use something like :

set pwm1_zone 123

in /etc/sensors.conf in the appropriate section (lm85 and co...), as explained 
at the end of your linked document ?

Any way, thanks a lot !!!
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