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Sat Feb 19 18:51:06 CET 2005

Hi - 

I'm emailing because I'm starting to fear my trouble with lm75 is that my computer is getting long in the tooth.  My problem seems to be specifically with lm75 (CPU temp).  I use lm75/78 to get CPU temp/fan speed and mb temp/fan speed.  

I have an Asus a7m266 mb and Athlon 1900+ (both almost five years old).  With kernel 2.4 I'm almost positive I never had trouble with lm75/78.  I moved to 2.6.3 quite awhile back and am fairly sure I also had no/little trouble.  

I moved to 2.6.7 many months ago and had a lot of trouble with lm75 'not responding' when I'd boot (no problems with lm78).  About 10-15% of the time lm75 would be reporting after boot.  The rest of the time, nothing.  But I discovered that after booting, if I rmmod all i2c mods and reloaded them, about the second or third or fourth try rmmod/insmod'ing them lm75 would start reporting (I use i2c-viapro over via686a).  This technique never failed.  

The other day I built 2.6.10 and there doesn't seem to be a thing I can do to get lm75 to report.  (I used "make oldconfig" and my 2.6.7 cfg).  sensors-detect still reports "Success"  but now even my reloading technique won't work.  So it *seems* that kernels and lm75 are orthogonally related (for me at least) - the newer the kernel the less likely lm75 will work.

Which leads to my question: Is this because lm75/my computer are getting a little aged and maybe the mod I need gets less attention now because of it?  Would you know if there's anything I can 'bring over' from 2.6.7 kernel source into 2.6.10 that would improve my chances of getting lm75 to work again?  Most recently I've used sensor utils 2.8.6 and 2.8.7.


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