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Le samedi 19 Février 2005 16:32, vous avez écrit :
> Jean Delvare wrote:
> > That makes sense, but I'd guess the fan only uses 0.5W of power or so.
> > If you set the PWM to a 50% duty cycle you'll save 0.25W. Out of the
> > 25W your laptop must be consumming, it's not much, only 1%. Still I
> > agree that whatever you can save, should be. But actually I think it's
> > more interesting for the noise reduction than for the power consumption
> > reduction.
> Don't know how big the fan is, a 40mm fan is typically rated at 1.2-1.4W.
> This is significant and I suspect a lot more than 2% of a laptop's power
> when it is not doing anything. Fan control is an important part of
> any laptop's power management.
> Also, fan power is not proportional to PWM percentage or RPM;
> a fan running at half speed could use 1/4 or less of its full-speed power.

Understood, you gave me a good advice.

> >>Should i use something like :
> >>
> >>set pwm1_zone 123
> >>
> >>in /etc/sensors.conf in the appropriate section (lm85 and co...), as
> >>explained at the end of your linked document ?
> >
> > You may need to. Zones define which temperature sensors determine the
> > speed of a given fan. I'd hope that your BIOS already configured the
> > zones properly, but maybe not. At any rate, be very careful when chaning
> > this. If you configure the zones improperly, the fans may stop speeding
> > up properly on temperature increase (obviously), possibly causing
> > permanent damage to your hardware!
> agreed, if you break the feedback loop with the wrong correlations bad
> things could happen. Ideally you should figure out what the BIOS or windows
> does and make sure to set it up the same way under linux. Be very careful.

Thanks for warning me.
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