adt7463 on asus w1n laptop

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Sat Feb 19 22:14:24 CET 2005

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> Adapter is 0, address is 0x2e.
> modprobe lm85 force_adt7463=0,0x2e
> In other words it's exactly the same parameters you used for i2cdump.
> Easy :)

Great ! That works !

Now i have another question : i've put these lines in /etc/sensors.conf in the 
lm85 and co section :

set pwm1_zone 123
set pwm1_min_ctl 0
set pwm1_min 0

set temp1_min 20
set temp1_max 60       # dothan's max temp is actually around 100°C
set temp2_min 10
set temp2_max 45
set temp3_min 10
set temp3_max 45

It doesn't seem to set fan speed at a low rpm (not less than 3000 rpm, that's
too fast) as i expected, but it might be due to my inappropriate settings...
Actuall i read this document :
but did not understand a lot of it...
In spite of my settings the fan1_pwm is always at a minimum of 127, which
means a little more than 3000 rpm. Quite noisy and "energy-consuming". I can
only set fan to a lower velocity (around 1800 rpm) with this command :
echo 77 > fan1_pwm (for example)
Actually when cpu is very busy, cpu temperature increases and fan speed also.
When cpu is less busy,  cpu temperature decreases and fan speed also, but
never below 3000 rpm which corresponds to fan1_pwm=127. Never less than 127,
except if i set it by myself.
In spite of my "set pwm1_zone 123" setting, fan speed does not increase when
zone 3 has an increase in temperature : zone 3 seems to be the gpu, because it
gets very hot when i use opengl with a game or a screensaver.
That's a problem because if gpu temperature gets too high, that doesn't smell 

Another problem :
The "sensors" command gives all the informations needed about temperatures,
fan speed and so on. Running the script "sh /etc/init.d/lm_sensors start"
shows no errors. No errors too if i run "sensord -i 1m -l 30m". After that,
what is weird is that i get no line about sensord in a "top" and no line
about sensord when i run "ps -waux | grep sensord".
This is something i can't explain. It seems that sensord cannot be launched...

I know i ask many questions, i hope it doesn't bother you, but i hope it can 
improve lm_sensors if i give a feed back.
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