TI TMP101 driver

Mark Studebaker mds at mds.gotdns.com
Sun Feb 20 00:44:49 CET 2005

Ben Dooks wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 19, 2005 at 12:06:12PM -0500, Mark Studebaker wrote:
>>Jean Delvare wrote:
>>>Hi Ben, hi Mark,
>>>>>isn't this chip compatible with the LM75 and its driver?
>>>>>what's different about it if anything?
>>>>configuration register is different, the temperature
>>>>comparison is also different (tmp101 has low/high range)
>>>Configuration is extended but compatible. Your driver doesn't seem to
>>>make use of the extra configuration bits (only raises OS/ALERT, which is
>>>already set by default).
>>I'm going to fix the lm75 driver to only rewrite the CMP/INT bit,
>>and only if it's set to INT, OK?
>>This will be kinder to compatible chips.
> Would it be possible to have an option to add converter resolution
> control at the same time please?
> If the data-sheet had said it was an lm75 compatible, it'd have saved
> me a bit of time. gah.

yes we'd consider a patch to add a resolution parameter (res=12?)
we'd have to review the other chip datasheets (see list in doc/chips/lm75)
to see if they also support selectable resolution, you may need a second
parameter (or perhaps force_tmp101) to cause the driver to write the
new resolution...

if you're writing chip drivers, it's good to check doc/chips/SUMMARY
to see if there is a similar chip before you start a new driver from scratch...

once you let us know the lm75 driver works, we'll update our docs to reflect support
for the tmp100/101.


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