adt7463 on asus w1n laptop

Philip Pokorny ppokorny at
Sun Feb 20 00:54:16 CET 2005

christophe wrote:

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>>Adapter is 0, address is 0x2e.
>>modprobe lm85 force_adt7463=0,0x2e
>>In other words it's exactly the same parameters you used for i2cdump.
>>Easy :)
>Great ! That works !
>Now i have another question : i've put these lines in /etc/sensors.conf in the 
>lm85 and co section :
>set pwm1_zone 123
>set pwm1_min_ctl 0
>set pwm1_min 0
>set temp1_min 20
>set temp1_max 60       # dothan's max temp is actually around 100°C
>set temp2_min 10
>set temp2_max 45
>set temp3_min 10
>set temp3_max 45
>It doesn't seem to set fan speed at a low rpm (not less than 3000 rpm, that's
>too fast) as i expected, but it might be due to my inappropriate settings...
>Actuall i read this document :
>but did not understand a lot of it...
I'm sorry.  Is there any particular section that was confusing?  What 
could I explain better?

>In spite of my settings the fan1_pwm is always at a minimum of 127, which
>means a little more than 3000 rpm. Quite noisy and "energy-consuming". I can
>only set fan to a lower velocity (around 1800 rpm) with this command :
>echo 77 > fan1_pwm (for example)
>Actually when cpu is very busy, cpu temperature increases and fan speed also.
>When cpu is less busy,  cpu temperature decreases and fan speed also, but
>never below 3000 rpm which corresponds to fan1_pwm=127. Never less than 127,
>except if i set it by myself.
>In spite of my "set pwm1_zone 123" setting, fan speed does not increase when
>zone 3 has an increase in temperature : zone 3 seems to be the gpu, because it
>gets very hot when i use opengl with a game or a screensaver.
>That's a problem because if gpu temperature gets too high, that doesn't smell 
Is this a 2.4 or a 2.6 kernel?

Can you send the current values of all your current settings by running 
something like:

   head /proc/sys/dev/sensors/adt7463*/*

which will work on 2.4.  If you're using 2.6, you'll need to do 
something similar in /sys


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