ADM1031 Driver (was long time ago <driver for mic184 chip>)

Frank Beesley frank.beesley at
Fri Feb 25 00:26:24 CET 2005


I was able to sneak some time in today between builds and look at this 
driver some more. I was able to get your driver to work with a simple 
modification. Let me describe my setup first. Kernel is 2.6.9 except 
when I started having problems with this driver I brought adm1031.c from 
2.6.10 and put the normal_i2c stuff back in. It appears that in 
adm1031_attach_adapter() adapter->class is zero and HWMON is 1 so I get 
the return 0 instead of calling i2c_detect. I am using an adm1030 part. 
When I remove the adapter->class test then the driver is up and running 
fine. I see some other drivers have removed this sort of test but I have 
not looked into the consequences of doing this. Any ideas or clues on 
what I might need to fix to get the class set properly?


Alexandre d'Alton wrote:

>Hi Frank,
>I just niticed that you have problems with the lm1030 driver in the
>following message :
>As I am one of the authors, I'd like to resolve the problems, can you
>explain precisely what are the problems that you have ?

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