A question when test W83792D driver on another motherboard

Huang0 at Winbond.com.tw Huang0 at Winbond.com.tw
Mon Feb 28 09:44:08 CET 2005

Hi Jean

I have to test the command you gave me tomorrow, because the
motherboard is NOT available to me today for some other reason.

I will send you the result tomorrow as soon as possible. :-)

Best Regards

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> Hi Chunhao,
> > When it has been confirmed that it is ASUS motherboard, write the value
> > 0x08 into the port 0x04b9.
> > (...)
> > Then, do you have any idea on how to solve the problem we meet?
> > If do, please tell me, I'd like to test it on this motherboard.
> Just try "isaset -y -f 0x4b9 0x08". That should do the trick Asus
> recommends.
> If you confirm that the W83792D then appears on the SMBus (as probed by
> sensors-detect or i2cdetect) then we'll have to integrate the trick.
> For 2.6 there is a place dedicated to this (pci/quirks.c). For 2.4 there
> is none so we'll just document the fact that isaset must be run prior
> to loading the smbus driver, or integrate the operation into the smbus
> driver itself (shouldn't be too hard).
> I still wonder what device is at 0x4b9. According to the snapshot of
> /proc/ioports you sent, your linux system doesn't know about it.
> Thanks,
> --
> Jean Delvare

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