[RFT] Preliminary w83627ehf hardware monitoring driver

P at draigBrady.com P at draigBrady.com
Mon Feb 28 12:19:06 CET 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:
> I am not familiar with watchdogs. I'd invite you to get in touch with
> the author and/or maintainer of the w83627hf_wdt driver, or possibly try
> to debug it yourself. Datasheets are freely available from Winbond for
> both the W83627HF and W83627THF:
>   http://www.winbond.com/e-winbondhtm/partner/b_2_d_2.htm

He already contacted me (indirectly).
A test program I sent showed the timer in the winbond
counting down, but the reboot never happened.
I would need to get access to the hardware to debug further.

Pádraig Brady - http://www.pixelbeat.org

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