Sensors on IBM eServer 335/345?

Armen Babikyan armenb at
Tue Jan 18 09:15:50 CET 2005


Thanks, Jean, for the info about the "IBM Laptop detected" problem.  
The i2c-piix4 bus driver now loads with no problem on this IBM eServer 

However, sensors-detect still isn't finding any sensor chips on this 
system.  Is there a giant table somewhere that lists motherboard/chip 
combinations so I can find the appropriate drivers for this system?  Or 
any general guidelines to what IBM or Serverworks prefer to use with 
their systems/electronics?  Could the sensor chips be proprietary?

Or has anyone used sensors on these machines and knows offhand? :)

Are there any gotchas with regards to installing the latest 
i2c/lmsensors (2.9.0) on an older kernel (2.4.21)?  I know this machine 
has two Xeon processors, and Xeons have embedded temperature sensors, 
but have not had much luck trying to access them after inserting the 
xeontemp lmsensors module - just wondering if my old kernel could have 
anything to do with it.

Any insight is appreciated!


   - Armen

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