I2C support for IPMI

Corey Minyard cminyard at mvista.com
Wed Jan 19 23:10:31 CET 2005

I'm the maintainer of the IPMI driver, and there is a new function that 
needs to be added that does IPMI over SMBUS.  This requires some minor 
changes to the I2C interface to support a special function of the IPMI 

The IPMI driver support the ability to store panic information into the 
Systen Event Log (SEL) of the IPMI controller.  Since it does this at 
panic time, the system can no longer schedule.  Thus the driver has to 
be able to do this without jiffies or scheduling.  There are also some 
watchdog operations that need to happen at panic time that also need this.

I've attached a patch that modifies the I2C bus drivers to add the 
capability to use a delay.  There's some more work to do on the IPMI 
driver portion, still, but I thought I would socialize this with the 
sensors group first.  This is just a first shot, I'm sure I've missed 

This is relative to 2.6.11-rc1.


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