[PATCH 2.6] I2C: Resolve resource conflict between i2c-viapro and via686a

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Jan 20 11:24:39 CET 2005

Hi Greg,

> > Here comes the finalized version of our patch solving the PCI device
> > resource conflict between the i2c-viapro bus driver and and the via686a
> > chip driver. It is based on your original work and the IRC conversation
> > we had yesterday.
> What kernel tree is this against?  I get some rejects when trying to
> apply it.

Hm, that's odd. It is supposedly against 2.6.11-rc1-mm1 + your
PCI_DEVICE patch to via686a. I'll make a new one for 2.6.11-rc1-bk7
this evening.

Sorry for the trouble, I don't know what happened.

Jean Delvare

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