One Wire

Frank Beesley frank.beesley at
Mon Jan 31 17:08:27 CET 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:

>For one wire devices, you should take a look at the w1 subsystem which
>was recently introduced in the 2.6 kernels by Evgeniy Polyakov.


I am now looking at the one-wire drivers and see some issues coming up 
already. Our one-wire devices (DS2401s and DS18B20s) are connected 
through a CPLD at ISA port 0x304. I am looking at the matrox driver 
since it has a port to access through. Under the linux documentation 
(Linux 2.6.9) I can't find anything on one-wire devices. Is there some 
docs somewhere that discusses how to use these w1 modules. I believe I 
need w1 and w1_therm to start with but I don't see how everything needs 
to tie together.


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