[lm-sensors] My 333 DIMMs are only being recognised as 266 by the board

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Tue Jun 14 19:58:28 CEST 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:07:37 +0200, Rudolf Marek wrote:

>Hi Per,
>You can try decode yourself.
>As root you can do:
>modprobe i2c-dev
>i2cdump 0 0x50
>(0 is bus number, 0x50 is first dimm slot, adjust as needed, you can use sensors command to tell you 
bus and chip number)
>This will obtain memory dump to which you can apply DDR SPD specification
>(or simply you can find it via google SPD DDR site:jedec.org)

Hi Rudolf,

thanks for the reply, but isn't this more or less what decode-dimms.pl does too?  That
is my understanding.  I know this is probably a little OT on this list, but I was hoping
someone could take a look at the listing from decode-dimms (http://jessen.ch/files/spd-decoded)
and explain to me (very slowly) what makes this DIMM 266MHz and not 333MHz ? 

/Per Jessen, Zurich

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