[lm-sensors] code question on pc87360 module

Jim Cromie jcromie at divsol.com
Mon Jun 27 15:37:03 CEST 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>>soekris:~# more /proc/ioports |grep pc87360
>>6620-662f : pc87360
>>6640-664f : pc87360
>>the last 2 lines arent there until modprobed, but I cant find
>>where/how they're inserted - I grepped all i2c code for an
>>ioremap, they're all in i2c/busses/, none of which appear to
>>match these modules, or the objects which comprise them.
>>i2c_sensor              4480  1 pc87360
>>i2c_isa                 2304  0
>>i2c_core               23696  3 pc87360,i2c_sensor,i2c_isa
>>anybody got a clue for the needy ?
>Search for request_region()/release_region() in pc87360.c.

Got it working. Now writes pins (problem was not reservation related)
Patch-set attached, comments welcome.
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