RFC adding special interfaces to sysfs?

Grant Coady grant_nospam at dodo.com.au
Sat Mar 12 03:36:26 CET 2005


Still learning lm_sensors interface, am porting adm9240 to 2.6.

This chip has an analog output which is rare these days, plus 
an output to send a reset pulse (open drain I/O) to an external 
latch for Chassis Intrusion (CI).  Wrinkle with CI clear function 
is there are two register/bit locations for doing the deed.

I really would welcome ideas on how to incorporate these to the 
sysfs interface, offering this patch as a starting point.  I may 
have missed a miscellaneous control interface somewhere?  In that 
case pointers to docs appreciated.


--- linux-2.6.11-mm2-p2x/Documentation/i2c/sysfs-interface.orig	2004-12-25 08:34:01.000000000 +1100
+++ linux-2.6.11-mm2-p2x/Documentation/i2c/sysfs-interface	2005-03-12 12:48:10.000000000 +1100
@@ -272,3 +272,12 @@
 eeprom		Raw EEPROM data in binary form.
 		Read only.
+analog_out	mV analog output voltage
+		Read/Write.
+clear_ci[1-2]	Tell chip to output a pulse to reset external Chassis 
+		Intrusion latch, there are two methods for doing this 
+		using a different register.bit
+		Write Only.

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