VIA vt1211 chip driver for 2.6 available

Mark Studebaker mds at
Tue Mar 15 22:58:45 CET 2005

thanks for the contribution.
i've tested your driver, have the following suggestions:
	- make ALL_SENSORS  the default, or even better remove all the #ifdef stuff
	- remove normal_xxx_range defines which cause compile warnings
	- remove uch_config  initialization in vt1211_init_client (trust the BIOS initialization instead,
	    or use setting in sensors.conf)

I've checked in a fix in libsensors so that uch_config can be set by sensors -s.

If you can make these changes, and submit the patch to our mailing list,
with comments and a signed-of-by line, we can get it fed upstream.

Lars.Ekman at wrote:
> Hello,
> I have made a port of the driver for the VIA vt1211 to the
> Linux 2.6.x kernel series. The driver is available at;
> It has been around for about half a year and seems to have
> quite many users with VIA mini-itx boards. I have received
> very fiew complaints for some time so the driver seems
> reasonable stable.
> I have received e-mails from users who wonders why the driver
> is not included in the kernel, so I send you this mail to tell
> that the driver exists.
> Please include it in your source tree if you think it useful,
> and send me a mail if you think I should correct something.
> Best Regards,
> Lars Ekman

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