RFC adding special interfaces to sysfs?

Grant Coady grant_nospam at dodo.com.au
Wed Mar 16 04:12:32 CET 2005

Hi All,

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:00:59 +0100, you wrote:

>> adm1026 uses analog_out so that's fine.
>But lm87 uses aout_output and pcf8591 uses out0_output. The later is the

>one which fits best in our current naming scheme, as redundant as it
>might sound.
>Also, it might make sense to just name is pwm0 as the suggested use for
>the analog output is to control a fan. That's what we do for the
>W83627THF IIRC. Ideally we would have names the pwm files something like
>"fan_control" in the first place, so as to focus on the function instead
>of the technology, but that's a bit late now.

Makes sense to me: use an existing fan control output, scale to 
percentage if needed.  Count this one solved with a few options.

Mark wrote:
>no other driver bothers with clearing chassis intrusion, so I wouldn't bother.
>If you're motivated, though, do it however  you want. If it were me,
>I'd name it chassis_clear and implement both methods whenever it's written to.

As far as Chassis Intrusion (CI) goes, I've coerced an unused IN 
limit for time being as all I need is a write-only trigger event. 

Count this one highly optional with name 'chassis_clear' available.


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