Who should I write to about this OOPS in 2,6,11-mm3?

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Mar 17 23:03:28 CET 2005

Hi Tony,

> Before I go on debugging, a few questions, as my knowledge of the i2c
> framework is quite limited:
> This particular bug seems to be triggered in i2c_dev_init when calling
> i2c_add_driver.

Were you able to reproduce this one as well? I couldn't.

> 1. nvidiafb gets loaded before i2c_dev_init(), and when setting up
> i2c, calls i2c_bit_add_bus. Is this safe to do?

Looks OK to me. nvidiafb, like other framebuffer drivers, declares i2c
busses. i2c-dev declares an i2c driver. Both are rather independent, and
supposedly don't interract before an i2c client is created (that would
happen in i2cdev_open()).

i2c-dev isn't really part of i2c-core, it's more like a priviledged i2c
pseudo-chip driver.

> 2.  In i2c_add_driver, there is a call to list_add_tail.  Is this
> acceptable without doing a LIST_HEAD_INIT first?  Or is the list_head
> initialized somewhere?

The list is declared with:
static LIST_HEAD(drivers);
at the top of i2c-core.c.
Looks OK to me but I am no list expert.

Jean Delvare

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