Fw: Ask for some information about motherboard ASUS NCLV-D

Huang0 at Winbond.com.tw Huang0 at Winbond.com.tw
Sat Mar 26 09:17:34 CET 2005

Dear Jean, Rudolf

As to the problem we meet on the ASUS NCLV-D motherboard when testing
w83792d driver under linux-2.4, we solve it with your help by writing the
value "0x08" in "0x04b9", and unloading the eeprom modules.

I have two questions here:
(1) As we know, it will be very inconvenient for those users with ASUS
NCLV-D motherboard and want to use w83792d driver under linux-2.4, if they
have to write the value "0x08" into "0x04b9" by themselves each time.
So I wonder whether the related bus driver has been modified so that users
can use w83792d driver easily? Will the coming lm_sensors-2.9.1 fix it?

(2) How about the problem of uploading eeprom? Need uses have to upload the
eeprom by themselves? Or this problem also has been fixed?


Best Regards

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> Subject: RE: Fw: Ask for some information about motherboard ASUS NCLV-D
> Dear Rudolf, Jean
> > I have a solution. Block reads to eeprom are locking the bus.
> > Please use CVS version of lm_sensors or do NOT load eeprom module.
> > Then it should work. Please note you need to do the isaset trick.
> > I will work on quirk.c to kernel this weekend.
> Good, after I unload the eeprom, the 792 driver can work now. Thanks
> a lot.
> > Yes I have one question. They advise to write to port all 8 bits.
> > More clear solution would be to modify the bits that are "in the game"
> > So my question is:
> > What bit(s) exactly in that port need(s) to be modified?
> > We simply like clean solutions.
> I have forwarded this question to ASUS, when I get the answer, I will
> forward you.
> > Also here patch for 2.6 kernels it should do the isaset automatically.
> > It can be applied to 2.6.10 or 2.6.11
> I will use the patch in the future, because we do NOT have a linux-2.6
> environment on this motherboard, and the 792 driver for linux-2.6 is still
> under my development. I will use it when we start to test 792 driver for
> linux-2.6, thanks. :-)
> Best Regards
> Chunhao
> 2005-03-07

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