re. Ticket # 1935

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun Mar 27 05:30:38 CEST 2005

very sorry, I meant  the reference _above_ (i.e. the link to the mail archive in the ticket).
the module is prog/hotplug/p4_smbus.c in the lm_sensors package.
If you don't  have it you'll have to download it.
Yes you will need to recompile. follow the instructions  in prog/hotplug.

Vesko T. Tomov wrote:
>   Hi,
> Thanks for the reply.  I am sorry if I am asking ignorant questions but 
> I am not sure what to do.  You wrote:
> the answers in the followups to the reference below should work.
> first you need to fix p4b_smbus so that it will find and enable the smabus device.
> Once you see the 24c3 device in lspci, then try the driver.
> If things still don´t work email us, ref. your ticket number.
> MDS 3/15/05
> I am not sure which reference you are talking about (is it the one I was referring to?).  Also, there are no files that contain p4b on my computer,
> so I am not sure what I need to fix.  I am running Fedora 3, kernel 2.6.10-1.770_FC3. Finally, once I fix it, do I need to recompile anything?  Yes, I am a newbie!
> Thanks again.
> Vesko

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