userspace dev-interface linux-2.6.7

Nils Roeder nroeder at
Wed May 4 15:50:49 CEST 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:

 > There are two i2c-dev.h files, one for kernel-space and one for
 > user-space. If you are writing a user-space tool which will access
 > /dev/i2c-*, you need the user-space version of i2c-dev.h, which is
 > distributed with lm_sensors for historical reasons, although I believe
 > the kernel-headers package has a copy as well. This version will work
 > regardless of the version of the kernel you are using.
 > Hope that helps,
 > --
 > Jean Delvare
that helps indeed, thanks very much.
why is this not mentioned in
linux-2.6.x/Documentation/i2c/dev-interface ?

while it is mentioned in

thanks again,

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