AS99127F PWM: how to explore

Lev A. Melnikovsky leva at
Sat May 7 00:18:31 CEST 2005


Sorry for my previous message, I hoped to get some response from the 
mailing list robot...

I have recently tried to communicate with ASUS people about this chip and 
the answer was "information is confidential". I have a couple of ASUS 
motherboards here, so I want to figure out how it works myself. Now the 
question is if there is some simple way to control these registers? I am 
using 2.4.30 kernel with the lm_sensors-2.9.1. Everything works fine but 
PWM and some BEEP flags. Is there a simple script to be run from userspace 
or I should patch the driver to have raw registers control? I'm going to 
connect oscilloscope to fan power pins to see the effect. Any advice is 
appreciated. Yes, I have read doc/chips/w83781d :-)


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