Winbound W83627EHF sensor

Jean Delvare khali at
Wed May 11 15:30:45 CEST 2005

Hi Carlos,

> I have an A8V-E Deluxe, with W83627EHF sensor, and I've read in
> that has a driver for it,
> but it's under development.
> I've downloaded the patch, and I've applied it to linux-2.6.12-rc4, and it
> works fine, but it just shows the temperature and fan speeds, as in the
> comments of that web page.
> I'd like to help the development of this driver, and I'd like to know what
> should I do to help us. ;)

I am the author of the preliminary w83627ehf driver.

There are several ways you can help with the further developement of the

1* Hardware donation, e.g. a motherboard with a Winbond W83627EHF chip,
with or without additional stuff (CPU, memory modules...), or something
else that can be of any use to us for the development effort. I may do
the work myself in exchange of a hardware donation, contact me directly
if you are interested.

2* Money, if you want to hire someone to do the development work. I
cannot legally do that, but other developers may.

3* Code, if you can write Linux kernel code (C). If you go that way, we
will of course try to help you when you face problems and have questions.

Jean Delvare

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