Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu May 12 16:47:06 CEST 2005

Hi Dmitry,

> > First, check your BIOS for an automatic fan speed adjustment option. Is
> > there one? If there is one, disable it.
> I've found only 'CPU Warning Temperature', 'CPU FAN fail warnig',
> and 'System FAN fail warning' all disabled.

Unfortunately, this could be an indication that PWM is not wired on this
board. the two Gigabyte boards using the it87 driver I have access to
and that have their PWM lines wired do have the option in BIOS.

> It is like the same motherboard with Windoze is silent, though I'm not
> sure.

Please make sure ;) If the motherboard is actually silent under Windows,
please try to find out what the difference can be. Maybe you are using a
specific tool under Windows? If your CPU supports some form of power
saving or throttling, maybe it is enabled under Windows but not under
Linux (which could result in a faster fan speed if your fan is

> Where to find the datasheet?

On ITE's web site:

> There is a second definition in the file about it87. Maybe I'd
> better to use it?

I can't tell, all motherboards are different. For the temperatures, you
would most likely simply do:

   ignore temp2
   label temp3 "CPU Temp"

Jean Delvare

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