Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun May 15 21:26:47 CEST 2005

Hi Axel,

> it's lm-sensors day for me ;)

Who would complain :)

> I made it start at #1900, so you can still play a bit with it. When
> you give the go, I'll bump it up to 2000.

We're already at #1987 in the old base. Make it 2200 to be sure.

> bugzilla supports "products" and "components" (per product). The
> "version" filed is attached to the products.
> We could have one product (lm_sensors) and have the current products
> become "components". Currently components were going to be assigned to
> drivers etc.

Sounds better, but what about the drivers? Can there be subcomponents?
The Linux kernel bugzilla has categories and components.

No other comments, rest is fine with me.

Jean Delvare

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