[lm-sensors] smbus RTC as misc device

Olav Kongas ok at artecdesign.ee
Fri May 20 10:23:49 CEST 2005


I hope this is the right list for my question. If not, 
please point me to a better list.

Sometime at 2.6.8-2.6.9 kernel I needed a driver for the 
m41t11 RTC smbus chip. As there was none in the kernel at 
that time, I wrote it myself and made it available for user 
space as a misc device /dev/rtc (character dev 10 135). This 
way unmodified hwclock could access it. 

Now I noticed that latest kernels already contain the 
m41t00.c, which may well be able to drive my m41t11 RTC 
unmodified. However, it does not make the device available 
through /dev/rtc. Neither do that other few i2c RTCs 
currently in the kernel. They all seem to define their own 
ioctls each.

What about making i2c RTCs available through /dev/rtc 
supporting its ioctls? If this would be OK then I can 
propose a patch for m41t00.c.


!! I'm not subscribed, please CC.

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