[lm-sensors] Running lm-sensors on EPIA 5000 with Debian SARGE 2.6

Rudolf Marek r.marek at sh.cvut.cz
Wed Nov 2 12:18:39 CET 2005

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Rudolf,
> On 2005-11-01, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>>VID "something special"
>>1 1 1 1  1.30V
>>1 1 1 0  1.35V
>>0 0 0 0  2.05V
> This looks like standard VRM 8.4 to me, nothing special.

OK, it seems it is not used. Newer datasheets are not talking about this.

> Sure, add new VRM-like values if needed. We might end up defining
> constant for these so that the number do not look like magic.

Yes it would be better.

> While you're at it, I think we should do some changes to vid_from_reg: I
> think VRM 8.2 was the default for historical reasons, but it's not
> safe. We shouldn't have no default. 8.2 should be handled explicitely
> as other values are. Any non-zero, non-handled value should trigger a
> debug log message. Any non-handled value should result in 0 being
> returned. OK?

Sounds good.

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